The high-tech rhythm section features 64 different superbly realistic sounding rhythm patterns, 48 break variations, and 4 drum programs each capable of holding 64 measures. They can be used separately or together for a piece of music,

allowing the organist to concentrate on playing the organ while the drums play complicated rhythms and breaks that the organist planned in advance.

The controls for starting and stopping the rhythm, the break variations, and the buttons for the rhythm programs and individual rhythm sounds are located on the control panel at the top left and also to the left of the middle manual.

The rhytym sequence programmer is located in the pull out drawer along with the programmable vibrato and combination drawbar controls.

The rhythm section can be used without pre programing, and can also be set to automatically vary at 4, 8 or 16 measures. The breaks can also be inserted manually during a song.

It can be turned off and on by a foot switch located on the expression pedal. That switch can also be set to put in drum breaks, or to control the 'glide' feature.

Back in 1984 to 1988, I played the FX-20 at our church. It was a great organ for church, putting out very nice pipe sounds for hymns and driving drum beats and sounds for youth choir songs. However, I tried to make sure I either had the drums off, or volume turned off, on hymn settings - just in case I accidently hit the foot switch I wouldn't have a drum solo during a hymn!