While the FX registrations are less complicated than the HX or ELX, it's amazing what different combinations can be made for unique sounds. Below I'll share some of my favorite and unusual registrations. Here we can share registrations we like or our special way of making various sounds. If you have a registration you like, . I'd like to try out your sounds. For example, although there is no stop for chimes on the organ, many types of chimes can be made by combining sounds from the 'combination' section, with Spice 1 from the 'orchestra' section, taking off effects and adding long sustain.

Many times, I save specific songs on registration packs, with drum programs just for that song. In other cases, I save general settings from which I can quickly go to different rhythms and sounds to do other songs. It just depends on how complicated the song is whether it needs its own registration, or can be reached via a more standard registration. (Some of my songs use 5 or 6 preset changes. One overture I played at church used two registration packs and required reading the second while playing - I read in the first and put the second in place before starting to play).

Pipe Organ Registrations

I played the FX in church for several years, so I needed to come up with some good pipe sounds for hymns. One of my favorite full pipe sounds is:

Lower Orch: Spice 1, vol 9/10

Lower Spec Br 1, Vol 8/10

Lower Combi, Mem 3 where Mem 3 = 16' 8/10 vol,8' max, 4' 9/10, 2 2/3' 2/10, 1' either off or 1/10 vol. 

Add reverb to 9/10 and use celeste on the Lower combi section. Play both hands on lower manual or add trumpets on upper.

Use Contra Bass 3 (max vol) along with Combi Preset Bass 1 (5/10). Try Bass Brilliance at 50%, then move to 100% for the 'feel' of a pipe organ reed in the bass. Put bass sustain at about 7/10.

* I vary the pipe sounds by changing the Combination section drawbars or removing the Brass. Increasing the relative volume of Combination section to Orchestra section makes the organ more 'fluty'. Also going to Spice 2 creates a softer pipe sound. Using Spice 2 with a player programmed vibrato that is slow and fairly deep creates a nice impression of a pipe organ vibrato.

* Try changing the Lower Special to Piano and add a little sustain, and you can play both piano and pipe organ in the left hand while adding trumpets with the right. If you use piano technique for the piano part, while holding the notes in between for the pipe organ, you really have the effect of two people playing, one on organ and the other on piano.

* The pipe organ setting, used with Symphonic or Tremolo Effect on the Combi section, gives a nice rendition of a theatre organ.

Generally, the registrations below have reverb set between 5/10 to 9/10.

Theme from "Beverly Hillbillies"

Here's a great banjo sound that worked well for an improv on the 'Beverly Hillbillies.'

Upper: Str 4 7/10 no vib, Banjo, max vol, sustain 5/10

Lower, Str1 7/10, Cos 1 7/10(Spec Preset section)

Rhythmic Chord 1 6/10, Solid Guitar

Bass: Cosmic (adjust volume to your preference)

Drum: Bounce 1, 258, then 306

Theme from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Another unusual registration is for the Theme from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (TV series version) This setting uses mostly Cosmic sounds, with melody on the middle keyboard, harmony on the bottom:

Upper Orch: Str 4 6/10 vol (start song with it off, playing only one note for melody, add just before middle of song, and starting playing polyphonic with the right hand).

Lower Combi: Mem1 7/10 , chorus, where Mem1 = 8' 7/10, 4' 6/10, 2 2/3' 4/10, 2' 4/10

Lower Orch Cos 8/10

Lower Spec: Cos 1 8/10

Lower Custom: Cos 4 6/10 Preset vib

Solo: Cos 2 6/10, touch vib, brilliance 5/10, slide 2/10, coupler on

Bass: Combi, preset 1 7/10, Custom: Elec Bass 2 7/10, Brilliance 4/10

No sustain U,L: Pedal sus 7/10

Arpeg: Harpsi, 7, vol 8/10

Rhythm: 16 beat 4, 190, vol 7/10, Bal 5/10

* Play intro using only Spice 2 and Combi Preset 3 on lower keyboard ( Chorus on combi) after setting the above and saving to preset.

               ***Ready to Rock with 'Buffy'!!***

"O Sacred Head Now Wounded"

While the combination of Str 1 on the lower and Str 2 on the upper gives a very nice orchestral effect, to make it feel like you are in the same room with several stringed instruments, add Custom violin to the lower and couple the Solo violin to the upper. In addition to just using the Custom violin for the upper note of the chord, you can play a counter melody with it as you play your chords in the left hand, or put it in at specific points to emphasize the part the instrument is playing.

Below is the registration I used for "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" which sounds just like an orchestra. In the second verse, try adding Lower Special piano and play small arpeggios in the chords of the left hand (while holding the other notes to continue the string sound).

Upper Orch: Str 2 9/10 vol

Solo Violin 6/10 vol, preset vib, coupled to Upper

Lower Orch: Str 1, max vol,

Custom to lower: Violin 5/10 vol

All sustains 5/10, but for a more intimate effect, try no sustain on keyboards - it sounds as if you have a small string ensemble right in your living room. Also, varying the volume of either or both the Solo violin and the Custom violin gives a different effect.

Bass: Contra 1, mellow, 8/10 vol

Popular Songs from the '60's

For a rhythm guitar type accompaniment that I used for many of my popular songs such as "California Dreaming", "Bus Stop", and many others I used the following.

L Combi: Mem 2 = 8' 7/10,4' 8/10, 2 2/3' 4/10, 2' 5/10, 1' 1/10

L Orch: Str 1 8/10

L Spec: Cos 1 8/10

Sus 5/10

For "Hammond" type melody with Hammond percussion I used:

UC Mem 3 , vol max, with percussion at 4' on max (found in drawer)(see pipe organ registration above for Mem 3 values), Symphonic effect

UO Str 4, vol 7/10, Preset vib, (no effects)

"Slow Down"

For the Beatles song "Slow Down" I use my basic Hammond setting, but, as in a number of other songs, I use Hawaiian Guitar for the lead part in the instrumental, but play it on the lower keyboard along with my left hand. I also leave it on for the last verse in the lower keyboard. I like the effect of adding a solo instrument on the lower keyboard to play the upper note of the chord or a melody line of its own. That technique is also used in "O Sacred Head", and also in "Caberet", where Saxophone is used.

I used a drum program for "Slow Down", but the basic rhythm is:

8 beat 1, Var 4, 176, Rhythmic Chord 2 Solid Guitar 6/10.

I increase the sustain on the pedal (electric bass 2) to about 9/10 so that my bass part sounds smoother as it goes back and forth through the run.


Preset 4 in the lower combi section added to Spice 1 (adjust relative volumes to your preference), long sustain, no effects, makes a pretty good cathedral chime. Using other combi arrangements can give you bells of varying types.

Big Band Sound

A friend of mine gave me this big band sound which works well for songs like "Slow Boat to China".

U orch: Br 1, Max, player vib to preference, touch tone (or Br 2, or 3)

U spec: Br 2 Max, player vib to preference, touch

L orch: Br 1 Max, player vib to preference, touch

L spec: Br 2 Max, player vib to preference, touch

L Custom: Saxophone, Max, player vib to preference, touch

Solo: Trumpet 1 (or sax, or clarinet) 7/10, player vib to preference, touch, normal trans (or low or high), coupler on.

Reverb: Max

No sustains (can try adding a little for echo effect)

No effects

Try varying the keyboard that the Custom is used in, and try different instruments in the Solo keyboard (coupled to upper).

March of the Toys/Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Marches are a lot of fun on the FX. Here's the registration I use for these marches. You can vary the sound of the auto arpeggio by how many notes you hold down in the left hand. If three notes are down, the arpeggio is low, but if you hold only one, and play the rest in rhythm, the arpeggio runs much higher making a very interesting sound.

March of the Toys

Upper Orch: Br 3, 8/10 (change to Br 1 after first four lines and repeat)

Upper Spec: Br 2, 7/10

Lower Orch: Str 1 9/10

Lower Spec. Br 1, 6/10

Bass: Tuba 7/10, Combi Preset 1, 5/10

Lower sustain: 5/10

Pedal sustain 5/10

Auto Arpeggio 4, Harpsi, 8/10

Rhythmic Chord 1, Solid Guitar 7/10

Drums: March, Variation 4, 113

*Adding piccolo with a suitable volume in the Solo keyboard at high transposition and coupling it to the upper keyboard adds the high pitched piccolo to your horns, making it sound even more like a marching band.

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers

Change drum to 100, Variation 1, leave Upper Orch on Br 1. For last verse of song, change drum to Variation 3.(This is the song I like to hold one note in the left hand -at the top of the chord - while playing the rest of the chord in rhythm - it makes the auto arpeggio run higher).

* I've found that the playing technique has a lot to do with how real the instruments sound. For example, when I first played a march medley (not the above marches), I thought I was playing OK until I listened to a tape and heard that I was playing the brass too legato. When I played them more staccato, they sounded much better, more like a band.

Send in your favorite registrations - .