Each one of the buttons between the keyboards remembers every piece of information set on the the control panel at a given time, including each measure of any drum programs that might be set, all stops, volume controls, vibrato settings, and effects.

These buttons are programmable, and all eight settings can be remembered by a registration pack, allowing eight more settings to be saved. With more registration packs, the organist can save many registrations for future use, allowing quick and easy registration changes during playing.To the right of the lower keyboard are buttons to control reading and writing of memory packs, and, between the lower and middle keyboards is the slot for the memory pack.

One of the more interesting things visually, is to watch the motorized volume sliders move whenever one of the memory buttons is pushed. Each sound section of the organ has its own volume control allowing precise blending of sections. However, over time, many of my sliders stopped moving automatically due to the tiny motors building up dirt or corrosion. Fortunately, this does not affect the actual registration, which is changed inside the organ when a memory button is pushed.