This web site is for all those who love playing the FX-20 (Yamaha FX-20 or FX-1, FX-10 and FS model) organ and for those who like to listen to them or want to know more about the organs. Here, you'll find a lot of information on the FX-20, which was built in1983. Although the newer HX series and EL series have more sounds and additional features, I like the FX-20 for its playability - all the stops for the sounds are on the control panel, including all rhythms. One can just sit down and improvise, putting on any sound or rhythm while playing, even if no programming is done.

Of course, the FX also has a great rhythm sequence programmer, individual programmable vibrato for each instrument in the Orchestra, Custom Voice, Custom Bass, and Solo Keyboard sections, and memory packs that can remember the eight programmable pistons.

For those unfamiliar with the FX series, they utilized many innovative features. Among these are:

*Touch sensitive keys

*Full registration memory system

*High tech rhythm section

*Rhythm sequence programmer

*Individual programmable vibrato

Visually, the organ is imposing, giving the look of a theatre organ and a church pipe organ all in one, and with both a traditional and modern look combined. But the best thing about the FX organs is the superb, realistic, majestic sound.